Display Racks

A very innovative product combines the ease of display, storage and also used for advertisement / signage.

Suitable for malls and departmental stores, requires very little floor space and can utilize height to the maximum.

Ideal for high value items like jewelry, cosmetics & accessories, watches etc. The shelves can be sequenced to be displayed at the eye level, making it convenient for the customer as he does not have to bend to view the items on display.

Display Rack Usage & Advantages

  • High strength.It has high efficiency for storing different items and is fully safe to be used for the purpose.
  • These sturdy systems can easily store any loads of material.
  • It saves huge amount of floor space as they have multiple racks that can be designed to meet our client specifications.
  • Facilitate systematic display
  • Racking Solution For Various Industrial Storage

    Automobile, Pharamaceutical Sector, Chemical Industry, Textile Industry, Electric & Electronics, Steel Industry, Govt. Sector, Sugar Industry, Retail / Consumer goods, Furniture & Interior, Paper & Printing, Banking, Colleges, Hospitals, Agriculture Sector, Biotechnology-Plant, Heavy Industries.