Facilitating single isle space to operate storage all racks

Filling Storage / Book Storage System

Complete utilization of height, width and depth of the space avaliable with a single isle.
The closed isles aslo brings security to the stored items, completely lockable system.
Tailored internal rack design to suit material/files to be stored.
Weight Carrying capacity per trolley up to 6 Tons with manual operation and upt to 30 Tons when electrically powered.
Individual locking system for each compactor to avoid accidents.
Comes with attractive powder coated finiesh on exteriors..

Filling / Book storage system Usage & Advantages

  • Lining Storage / Library S.S
  • It has high efficiency for storing different items and is fully safe to be used for the purpose.
  • These sturdy systems can easily store any loads of material.
  • It saves huge amount of floor space as they have multiple racks that can be designed to meet our client specifications
  • Push Pull can be customized as per our precious customer's requirement
  • Push Pull shelving are most ideal for Offices, Banks, Industries, Hospitals, etc for storage of Records.
  • Durability, Attractive design, Compact design, Corrosion resistance, Perfect finish and sturdy construction are some of the betterment of this storage system