Shuttle Storage System

A very innovative product combines the ease of display, storage and also used for advertisement / signage.

Suitable for malls and departmental stores, requires very little floor space and can utilize height to the maximum.

Ideal for high value items like jewelry, cosmetics & accessories, watches etc. The shelves can be sequenced to be displayed at the eye level, making it convenient for the customer as he does not have to bend to view the items on display.

Shuttle Storage System Usage & Advantages

Suttle Rack systems are designed to manage loads of varying length and proportion.

Suttle racking is Well organized .

Suttle Rack is specifically designed to store or display materials that are of a dimension or weight that does not allow for efficient storage from traditional racking systems.

The design of a suttle Rack with a single load bearing upright allows a greater level of flexibility, in which materials or products can be readily stored, identified, and retrieved.

Suttle Racking is in high demand to hold material where other racking would be under great strain.

Multiple rows.

Designed skillfully for proper storage and easy access.