Storage Systems is a technology leader in the design, development and deployment of current and next-generation enterprise solid-state storage

products. Combining leading-edge, enterprise-class design, and proven world-class support, SHREE INDUSTRIES Storage Systems leverages its

deep expertise in flash and enterprise storage technology.

Storage Systems delivers high-quality, high-reliability solutions to a broad customer base, In support of these designs, SHREE INDUSTRIES

Storage Systems provides innovative storage products in solid-state storage technology, a variety of customers in the enterprise storage

, enterprise server, data center, defense and industrial markets. Shree Industries has commenced it's business, since last seven years.Along

with the above mentioned products of sub-assembly. Shree Industries also has a wide experience in erection & commissioning of all the storage

system, including ASRS.The Director of the Shree Industries has over 15 years of experience in the field of storage systems. This makes Shree

industries one of the leading manufacturing company in the field of storage system.Shree Industries has acquired a huge reputation with it's sincere

approach and dedicated efforts. This inspired Shree Industries to develop a highly sophisticated products which will be upcoming shortly.

We take this opportunity to introduce to you our organization "SHREE INDUSTRIES". SHREE INDUSTRIES is promoted by Techno-Commercia

professionals who have been actively involved with the various industries in India and abroad for over a decade with particular focus on industrial

storage solutions. With real estate prices getting through the roof today's industry has no choice but to look for effective and optimised utilization

of space. We, at SHREE INDUSTRIES are providing the industrial storage solutions by offering our services in Designing, Manufacturing Supplying,

Installations and even periodic Servicing/Maintenance of such innovative storage system. Our services cater the complete scope right from

conceptualization to the completion for a wide spectrum of industries like Automobile and its Ancillary Units, Home Appliances Industry, Paint

and chemical industry, Spinning and Weaving Mills, Engineering Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry, Banks, Hospitals, Warehouses and Cold storage

etc. This spectrum will further extend to various other sectors since Space

Management, Secured Storage, Automation in Material Handling and Easy Retrieval is a common concern today in every walk of industry, business or

day to day life.

To help tie over the above concern we are able to provide appropriate solutions with our MaxSto Products, e.g. Vertical Carousels, Compactors,

Push-Pull Storages, Display Racks, FIFO/LIFO Units, Multi-Tyre Storages, Pallet racking, Cantilever Racking and Steel Pallets. Etc.

Our forth coming products in this range will be ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems) and Robotically Managed Storage and Material

Handling Systems.

Our experienced in-house Design-Engineering and Manufacturing allows us to assure our clients of quality products backed by efficient installation and

after sales service at all times. We are already a leading player in storage solution industry in India and we are now expanding our scope to the export